Saturday, April 19, 2008

Carter's Third Birthday Party!

Well, Carter is now three; not officially, but he doesn't know that. He officially turns three on Tuesday (April 22) but we probably won't celebrate since we made today his birthday! We went to Jumping Party where Carter had a Cars party and LOVED it! We had about seven kids come and it worked out perfectly; we got to spend a lot of time jumping with our friends. This was the first time for me to jump since I was pregnant with Clayt last year when we went to Jumping Party. Let me tell you, it is so fun but it is a WORK OUT! I was beat and I crashed with the boys this afternoon. Also, I am getting sick--Colin has passed his fever on to me, but it's not too bad; I think I have a sinus infection. But I still jumped and enjoyed the party, so it was good. We opened presents and got an awesome variety! Carter is really enjoying his Bob the Builder (Carter calls him "Garb the Builder") tool belt set from Uncle Tommy and Miss Anna.
I am so happy I got the picture of COLIN blowing out Carter's candle...and the best part? Carter has a huge smile on his face and has no clue Colin is being a jerk! Another great picture is the one of the boys at the party talking and our neighbor Bobby is gesturing to Colin and they look like they're having a very grown-up conversation--hilarious.
The weather today was incredible: 80 and breezy, so the boys ran around outside a lot. They love their power wheels and Carter usually drives it. Well today Colin said, "Carter, you always drive!" and Carter just looked at him like, exactly, so what's the problem? So Colin just jumped in and they kept riding around! Then tonight Carter was rubbing his eyes and Andy said, "Oh, Carter, you're rubbing your eyes so you must be tired." Carter said, "No, I'm not tired, I just got some bugs in it."
It's been a good day. Thanks for helping us celebrate sweet Carter's third birthday!! WE LOVE YOU!!