Thursday, June 28, 2007

Late June

We've had another busy week! I have dilated about one centimeter and have thinned out a bit, but no real labor yet. My due date isn't until July 15, so I still have a couple weeks to go.

The boys are doing great, but they have a TON of energy since it has poured rain on us all week long--and there is no sunshine in sight! We got about an hour in at the park on Monday, but that has really been all we've played outside. Tuesday we went into town for my doctor appointment and Colin and Carter went to school for the morning. Yesterday we went to Jumping Party for a couple hours, and then today our big trip is...get ready...the grocery store! Tomorrow is storytime at Barnes & Noble. We have watched a lot of movies, played a lot of superheroes and trains, and read a lot of books this week.

I have a funny story...around the house I call Andy "Baby" and the other day Carter picked up on this and said to Andy, "Play trains, Baby!" Now every once in a while he'll call him "Baby."
Happy birthday to Nana!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Early June 2007

June 9, 2007

What a busy week! (By the way, I am trying after Stephanie recommended it to me so that I can load more pics easily. So far it has been much easier than Thanks, Steph!)
This week Colin had his first swim lessons ever! He went with two of his friends from church and he loved it! The lessons were for thirty minutes every day this week. He learned to jump off the diving board and swim to the edge of the pool w/minimal help and no floaties.
On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment (34+ weeks and the baby is very healthy). I really haven't mentioned baby boy #3 much, but he moves constantly and loves to get "raspberries" from his older brothers. We are throwing around all sorts of "C" names ranging from Casey to Connor to Colton to Cade... The middle name will probably be Matthew; but we, of course, are not even completely decided on that! Also on Tuesday, Colin had his first gymnastics class with his friends from school.
On Wednesday we went to a place called Jump Party which is basically a huge warehouse with tons of moon bounces, slides, etc. and Wednesday was open jump for preschoolers, so we went and LOVED it! We're going to have Colin's fourth birthday party there at the end of July. He has decided on a Batman party (he is all about those super heroes right now!)
Thursday was a laid-back day and then on Friday we went to storytime at Barnes & Noble where Colin picked out a bat/lizard/spider/snake book (he got a Spiderman book last time!) and Carter picked out a tractor book (complete with tractor wheels!) and a Thomas the Tank Engine book.
The picture of the boys on the floor giggling is right after they got to put on their new jammies--Spiderman for Colin and Thomas the Tank Engine for Carter. As for me and Andy, we have been considering a new fence for our back yard and basically doing a lot of yard work, which we enjoy.