Sunday, June 28, 2009


Wow, so much has happened since my last post. School let out at the end of May, so we have been super busy with fun stuff the last month. We went to Disney World and Daytona Beach with Nana and Papa; we also visited with Sammy and CJ on that trip. We had a great time! Then YaYa visited us and we went swimming and relaxed at home, which was so nice. On Father's Day we went to the zoo, then last week I had APSI (training) at TCU all week. This weekend Nana and Papa are visiting for the Fourth, then Clayton's birthday is on Monday the 6th of July. I'm hoping to post again before Colin turns six on the 25th...we'll see!

The boys have gotten to be so funny because they're like little people rather than babies. Their personalities are hilarious! Colin is all about animals: he caught a bird the other day and let it go because it was "whining." (Ya think?!) I wouldn't have believed him if it weren't for the little gray feathers in his hand. When we go for walks he pretends to be a lion in the tall grass and he'll try to sneak up on and tackle our lab Cooper, the other day he picked up a dead snake like it was a piece of string, and he prays for God to bring him a "baby fawn." Colin's favorite place to go is the zoo; he particularly loves the area where he can touch sea creatures like horseshoe crabs and starfish. He loves sea creatures like the octopus, sting ray and whale shark. He'll be heading back to kindergarten next year and he is already excited about his animal project!

Carter is our quiet, sweet, sneaky one. Carter is still convinced he is batman and will correct anyone who mistakenly calls him Carter instead of batman. He wears his mask and cape around the house (and the grocery store, and church, and the park) all the time! Carter is fine playing by himself whereas Colin is a social butterfly. Also, if there are ever sweets around the house (homemade cookies or brownies) I can count on Carter waking up late the next day with chocolate smeared on his face. He's very honest about his sneakiness, though, if that's possible...
"Carter, did you sneak brownies?"
"Well, please don't do that any more."

Clayton is almost two and he definitely has a big personality. He is more like Colin than Carter, I think, although his interests are more similar to Carter's. He loves sports and trains. If I ask Clayton to put his own dirty diaper in the trash, he wrinkles his nose and says, "Ewwww." He is starting to potty train because he wants to do everything like his big brothers. Clayton says his name is "Tayton" and the big boys have fun getting him to say words. (I always hear: "Clayton, say ...!") He loves balls and books and, like his big brothers, he is a total Daddy's boy!

In the upcoming weeks we have birthdays, Museum School and swim lessons! We are LOVING summertime!

Happy birthday to Nana!