Friday, September 5, 2008


Over Labor Day weekend we spent time with our neighbors and also went out to Plano to visit Uncle Nick, Aunt Bertie, Doyle, and new family member Dixie (an American Bulldog)!
Tuesday we hosted a new life group through our church (New River Fellowship) and had a great time with some new friends! Colin had a really great time playing with his friend Noah, and Carter got a ton of ant win some, you lose some.
We started soccer practice this week...Carter on Wednesday, Colin on Thursday. Carter's coach is pretty intense and the team did a good job. There were a lot of water breaks but there was also a lot of running, kicking, etc. Carter played sharks and minnows and had a fun time playing soccer. Colin, on the other hand, mostly collected bones. Yes, that's right, bones. So anyway, here is a cut and pasted copy of Coach D.'s latest email to the team regarding Thursday's practice:

"Good afternoon everyone, Thanks for the practice last night. I think it was an overall success for our first time; a little kicking, running, getting to know each other, and we found 7 bones."