Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Boy for the Hedges

Ha! Ha! Gotcha! It is another boy, but he has four legs. His name is Cooper and he is eight weeks old and very sweet. Initially Colin wanted to name him "Cooster" and he was actually saying, "Here, Cooster" but that name didn't sit right with me and, frankly, he does NOT look like a Cooster, so we improvised and named him Cooper. He's a yellow lab and he is a lot of work, but the boys LOVE him! We have majorly improved in the area of potty training and we are currently shopping for a good obedience school. Cooper is very lovable. The other day Colin, Carter and Cooper were all in Cooper's crate...and today Carter was hauling him around in the back of his power wheels, so I think Cooper is in for some adventure! It really does feel like another baby is in the house b/c we're up with him all the time and he needs just as much love (and supervision).

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. Two weeks ago Matt and Kristina visited from Austin and that was a fun weekend. Andy, Nick and Matt went golfing, then cooked dinner and the girls got to get a mani-pedi and go shopping!
On Sunday we reorganized the house and moved Colin and Carter into the same (bigger) room. (Thanks for your help, Nick!) That has actually been a very smooth transition and Colin and Carter love their new room. Clayton is in Cart's old room and he is sleeping even better now that he is away from most of the noise.
Then on Tuesday we picked up Cooper from Dallas. I spoke with a friend of a friend on the phone and asked if we could drive out to see the puppies (there were two left, so we had to act fast--this is the second litter we checked on, the first one was sold out). She said ok; she said she had five kids, was pregnant, and her house was the house with all the kids toys out front. So I I'm thinking we're about to pull up to a trailer park...but no...Cooper is from a very wealthy home! This house was AMAZING--it must have been well over $1 million and in the area near Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas. WOW! Anyway, that was a long first night--Cooper woke up at 12 and 3...just like a newborn.
On Friday YaYa flew in from MD and we celebrated Uncle Rick's birthday with a little swimming at the pool and food from Joe T's. On Sunday Mr. Rick smoked BBQ and it was incredible! YaYa, how do I have no pics of you? I'm going to have to cut and paste your face on someone's body!
And FINALLY...tomorrow is the last day of school for me and the boys! But not so fast, Colin has a 103 degree fever...and we're getting their new play set delivered tomorrow...and...'s summer time!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yesterday Carter said, "Clayton, we love you, but right now we're gonna get you. Come on, Colin, let's get him!"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Howdy, Ya'll!

Well, the boys are officially Texans: Carter says, "I'm not mad at ya'll," and last night Colin said, "Carter, I'm fixin' to give you it...hold on!" On the other hand, Colin actually said something was crunk the other day, and I'm pretty sure that term didn't originate in Texas, but who knows...
Carter loves his new roller skates from YaYa, and pretty much wears his Batman mask every day. People will stop us and scream that they are in trouble and need help from Batman, and Carter (who wears the mask so frequently that he forgets he has it on) looks at them like they're nuts. I have to remind him HE'S the super hero until eventually he kicks into gear. This can be a major pain since I have to juggle the other two while prompting Carter to rescue the stranger.
Clayton is TEN months old already!! He is crawling all over the place. He is constantly snatching toys from Carter, which Carter hates. But Clayton is really sweet and Colin has learned he can carry him, so that's funny to see.
Colin is his usual high energy self! He loves running and reading books. The other night I was reading him a book and he said, "Mommy, what does this fish say?" So I made up some ridiculous fish noise while making the fish face and doing my arms like fins and I said, "The fish says, 'bloop, bloop!'" And he said, "NO! What does the fish say?" And so I put a little more effort into pulling off the fish act, with my arms flailing and my face all twisted up and I said, "Bloop, Bloop!!" a little louder with a little more enthusiasm. Finally, Colin looks at me like I am completely insane, shakes his head, and says, "Mommy, when I say 'what does this fish say?' you read me the words on the page about the fish!" So it turns out we had a little miscommunication there...
We love ya'll!