Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Swallows Penny/Andy Catches Cooper's Tail on Fire

Howdy, all! Sorry it has been so long, but here we go...
Andy caught Cooper's tail on fire, and many of you have already heard that story. (Cooper never had a clue...Andy just smelled smoke...)
Then there's our financial situation: on Thursday night in the middle of the night Colin reached onto his night table, grabbed a penny, and ate it. I freaked out, but apparently it's common. And now he calls it, "my penny." "Mommy, my penny is hurting!" We've tried to stop him from flushing the potty so we can see if anything shines, but instead we hear the flush and Colin gasp, "Oh no!"
Other than that, Colin is doing well! He is doing especially well in school where he is learning his vowels--he is sweet, he does sign language while he sounds out each letter.
Carter is his usual serious self. He asked me where my mole came from and I said from God and he said, "Did he come to my home and give it to you?"
Clayton is talking all the time now. He says the following words fairly well: Daddy, Mommy, ball, balloon, shoes, juice, there he is (during peek-a-boo!), down. Clayton laughs all the time, he opens his mouth really wide and throws his head back-he is a really happy baby!
We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend with Aunt Bertie and Uncle Nick, who celebrated their first anniversary today!!

This is a funny conversation...

Carter: Colin, where does God live?
Colin: God lives in our hearts.
Carter: But, Colin, God does not live in Mexico.
Colin: No, Carter, God does not live in Mexico.