Friday, July 9, 2010

Clay Turns Three After July Fourth!

We are having an incredible summer! Museum school was last week for Colin and Carter in the new Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. The boys, of course, loved it! This week was our first week of swimming lessons and we'll finish those next week. Colin is swimming back stroke and Carter is still learning freestyle. Clayton has mastered "big arms" so I'm proud!

YaYa, Tommy, Anna and Camden came to visit us and we have had the best time with them. We went to Canton for the first time and had a blast! We also at a lot of good food--Babe's Chicken House, Joe T's, and plenty of Sonic and Whataburger thanks to Uncle Tommy! Cam is the sweetest baby and the boys had a great time playing with him.

For the fourth of July we exploded our own fireworks at Uncle Rick and Aunt Mindy's house and the boys especially had a fantastic time!

We also celebrated Clayton's third birthday by going to Chuck E. Cheese and having a party with our friends at Cherry Park. I don't have any party pics posted but it was a great time!

Here are some pics--enjoy!


April :) said...

Cute pics, fun times, and great eats!!! I love how you are a summer/spring break blogger! Whenever school is out, right!!! Love you Hedges family :)

The Davis' said...

I was thinking the same thing Jones. Glad to see you posting Nat. Love the pics, especially the one of all the boys with their uncle... and Colin's hand over Clayton's face! Gotta love big brothers!