Monday, July 27, 2009

The Spice of Life!

Colin's birthday party was SO much fun! Thanks to Uncle Rick and Mindy who let us have a pool party at their house and to everyone who helped us celebrate in one way or another! Andy and I still can't believe we have a six-year-old!
Funny story: The other day I found dirt in Carter's bed. It felt like sand but looked like soil and I couldn't figure it out.
Me: Carter, do you know what this is in your bed?
Carter: Pepper.
Me: Why do you have pepper in your bed?
Carter (throwing his head back crying): I'M IN HUGE TROUBLE!!!!


April :) said...

Love the story so cute!!! At least he knows the result right!!

Happy bday Colin we had so much fun celebrating your birthday! Neither one of my kids wanted to leave :) And a special thanks to Andy for helping Noah get settled in the pool!

teamwilhite said...

Cute Story!

Lindsay said...

so what was up with the pepper, besides trouble?

The Davis' said...

That's hysterical! Boys are great!