Friday, July 10, 2009

Terrible Twos, Hissers and Croakers

This summer is flying! We had a fun weekend with firworks at home and Clayton's second birthday with Nana and Papa, Aunt Bertie and Uncle Dukes. Then Colin had museum school this week. Yesterday was his last day of "Hissers and Croakers" and today he is occassionally tearing up when he remembers it is over. He LOVED it! If you have little ones, check out Fort Worth's Museum School. Today we're relaxing at home: it's 100+ degrees outside so we'll probably stay indoors or else go to Uncle Rick and Aunt Mindy's pool down the street!
And tomorrow? The Weatherford Peach Festival!!

My best friend Stephanie had her second baby (a little boy!) this morning--congratulations, Steph!


April :) said...

Love the pics but I can't believe how big Clayton looks in these! Time is flying :)

The Davis' said...

I think you guys are having way toooo much fun this summer. I'm jealous!
You'll have to fill me in on museum school.

teamwilhite said...

I went to museum school as a child and LOVED it as well. If we didn't live in Millsap, I would want Hollis to go. Is the giant turtle still there?